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Competition time! My favourite childhood memory is…

Tell us your favourite memory from when you were a child

My favourite childhood memory is...

Participate to receive 500-1000 points
1. Create a topic called “My favourite childhood memory is…”
2. Each valid participation will receive 500- 1000 points.
3. When choosing a category for your topic please choose News.
4. Make sure to add an image or video

Go to za.toluna.com to take part

What are gifties and how to use them

Dear members,

Many of you do not seem to know about our Gifties program and how it works. Here is a short tutorial to help you understand it better.

  • What are Gifties?
  • How do Gifties work?
  • Where can I find the members who have won Gifties?

See you soon,

The Toluna Team

Good news everyone: Here is our latest webinar!

Learn how to redeem rewards with our newest webinar.

In this webinar we will be showing you how to:1. Find Toluna rewards
2. Redeem Toluna rewards?
3. How to make sure that rewards get correctly delivered to your address?
4. What to do after a voucher is processed for both Evouchers and Paper vouchers

Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions for the subject of our next webinar.

Thanks everyone!

The Toluna Halloween Contest

Dear members,

As promised, the scary Toluna Contest starts today. The rules are simple.
To participate, simply:
1. Create the scariest/funniest Toluna Halloween decorations you can (Your decoration needs to include the word T.O.L.U.N.A so we know it’s authentic)*
2. Take a picture and post it on Toluna as a poll with 2 options**
* Treat
* Trick
3. The Poll title has to begin with “Toluna scary photo…”
4. All valid participations will receive 1000 points and a Halloween Giftie
5. The 2 users who receive the most TREAT votes will get 10,000 points each
6. The 3rd winner will be chosen by the Toluna Jury based on authenticity. This user will also receive 10,000 points

• You can participate between Monday October 17 and Thursday October 27
• The winners will be announced on Friday October 28th

*A photoshopped T.O.L.U.N.A in the picture will not be valid
**The optimized image size should be 300px X 360px for better visibility

Happy creation Tolunians!


Content Creators of September 2016!

Dear members,

We want to thank you for posting such great content on our site. Interacting freely with members; sharing your opinions and respecting other’s ideas!

We hereby announce our first 10 Content Creators of the month- in no particular order :
The Toluna Team

♣ 1 Wendy-M

♣ 2 Prini

♣ 3 jene18

♣ 4 Shaunhle

♣ 5 elfandor

♣ 6 Soweto79

♣ 7 Meg.H

♣ 8 DidiRae7

♣ 9 Sushi_7

♣ 10 cloetenj

Congratulations! We hope to see you again next month to see on this list!

Reminder – If the same members remain on the list:
• 3 months in a row – he or she deserves additional 5,000 points
• 5 months in a row – he or she earns 10 000 extra points
To read more about this program:

Have a great week!

Good news everybody

So, when you do a survey that is less than 8,000 points, you will receive the points immediately, if it is over 8,000 points then you need to wait up to six weeks to receive your points. In the next 24 hours members will be receiving points that they are owed for past surveys. Jackpot!