The October Edition of the Toluna Magazine is Out Now

Magazine Teaser CommunityHi everybody,

The October Edition of the Toluna Magazine is now available. To find it, go here:

This month’s magazine features lots of cool stuff so check it out!
This is the first magazine dedicated to solely South Africa, so I hope you enjoy it.

You will find a contest that you ALL can participate in for lots of points. You will also find some of your own posts! Check it out to see if you can find yours. đŸ˜‰

You will also find out the best ways to earn points on the Toluna community and don’t forget to check out who the CCMs are, as you could be a lucky winner this month! If you have never heard about what a CCM is, take a look in the magazine for more info.

We also have dedicated some of this magazine to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so take a look at that. I hope you find it informative!

Happy reading!

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