#TolunaPINK: Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Dear members,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for what October will bring.

As you may know, the month of October is widely known as being Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among South African women, with 1 in 31 women being diagnosed in her lifetime. And it is not exclusive to women, with 1 in 1000 men also being diagnosed with the disease.

During this month, and officially launching on the 10th October, we hope to provide you at Toluna with information about healthy living and how you can get involved and make an impact.

Today, we will change our Toluna logo and some colours on our site to pink to show our support. You can support us during October too by changing your profile picture to one we have already prepared. A post later today will show you how to do this and which picture you should use.
A little reminder: Toluna #SchoolDays final week contents will resume on Wednesday.

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