Toluna #SchoolDays – Geography Quiz

Dear Members,

From 10th September to 10th October, we at Toluna will be launching an exciting new initiative with the theme being #SchoolDays! Throughout this month, there will be cool little contests and topics for you to engage.

Each day, there will be different school related content and contests so you can be a student once more. Participate and in exchange, you can win lots of points!

Today, Toluna brings you…a Geography quiz!

How well do you know the flags of countries? Create your own topics with an image of a flag and write one fact about that country/those countries.

For example:
You may post a picture of a country’s flag, and members will comment with the country they think it belongs to.
For example: French flag + Here you can visit the Eiffel Tower

Pssst…Don’t forget to take part in our #SchoolDays contests for a chance to win up to 10,000 points and a Toluna branded backpack kit!

Toluna is now featuring a cool, new game on the community which you will be able to play throughout the #schooldays initiative.
The game is called ‘Toluna Brain Teaser’ and can be found on the ‘Games’ section of the community, so why not check it out and send pictures of how far you get to?

Hope you enjoy playing!



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