New Adventure – Toluna #SchoolDays: Participate in our classes!

Dear Members,

From 10th September to 10th October, we at Toluna will be launching an exciting new initiative with the theme being #SchoolDays! Throughout this month, there will be cool little contests and topics for you to engage with!

Each day, there will be different school related content and contests so you can be a student once more. Participate and in exchange, you can win lots of points!

Starting Monday 10th September, our first #SchoolDays content will feature a game of 2 Truths, 1 Lie, so you can get to know your Toluna classmates.

Make sure to keep an eye on the community and check your notifications as well as the September edition of the Toluna magazine, which is released on12/09/2018, so that you can join in our #Schooldays month.

Look below to see what you can win by engaging with the #Schooldays initiative!

1 member will win a Toluna branded backpack kit
This contains:
A backpack
A powerbank
A mug
A pencil
A pen
A notebook

Also, 3 other members will win:
10,000 points
5,000 points
3,000 points

Don’t worry if you do not win as points will be given throughout the initiative for your participation!

Winners will be chosen based off of the quality and quantity of your content, the amount of comments you share and how many surveys you take.


See you on Monday!





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