NEW GAME: Anecdote Antics

Hello members,

We are introducing a NEW GAME to you all! This game has been successful in lots of other communities so we are bringing it to South Africa.

Anecdote Antics new

ANECDOTE ANTICS, how does it work?

– This game will operate Monday – Monday. And will get members engaging and sharing with the whole community.

– Each week the TolunaTeamZA will post a Topic on a specific subject, e.g. your favourite holiday memory.

– All participants will then CREATE A TOPIC with a visual, and a short anecdote of their memory. SIMPLE! (please note that if you comment on the Topic, it will not count)

– All participants will receive a rank up worth 1000 points, and the winner will get 2,000 points. The winner will be the member with the story the TolunaTeam thinks is the best!

If you have any questions about the game, please comment on the Topic or message us on the TolunaTeamZA wall.

The first Topic for this new game is SCHOOL MEMORIES. 

Please title your Topic “Anecdote Antics: School Memories”

School memories new

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