Brilliant news!

We at Toluna have some excellent news for you!

The rate at which you can redeem rewards for your points has been reduced from 40,000 points to a brilliant 20,000 points for 100ZAR, through PayPal.


Those who have redeemed your points for rewards today and in the previous days, do not worry, we are processing all of your redemptions. However, this means that for a short period of time you are unable to redeem your points for rewards. This is because we are processing a system update in order to update our new lower conversion rates, especially for you!

Don’t panic, during the change you can continue to redeem Gifties for yourself or for your friends on and off Toluna.

We hope that you continue to enjoy using Toluna and are pleased with being able to redeem the same amount of rewards for fewer points.

See you soon on the site.

The Toluna Team 

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