Happy Valentine’s Day!!

We’re sure you’ll all be celebrating today with the usual enthusiasm and love.  But we also know that there are people who don’t celebrate it at all. Whether due to commercial or financial reasons, some people just disagree with Valentine’s Day, saying it’s a commercial stunt and just a way for merchandise companies to profit from it. So we’ve been wondering- what will you do this year to celebrate?

Tradition states that young girls used to celebrate the old roman festivals named ‘Lupercalia’. As a ritual of this festival, the girls would pin their lovers’ name on their sleeves. Men also follow this custom in some regions of South Africa but it is very rare.

A perfect tourist sport on Valentine’s Day (thanks to the warmer weather), the beautiful islands of South Africa such as Johannesburg and Cape Town are also some favourite places for couples to visit. Beach resorts get prepared for the event with new decorations for stirring up the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Young men normally give the gift of flower bouquets to their women, on Valentine’s Day. The common gift practices such as gift baskets, Chocolate candies and candles are very popular in South Africa. People use to make chocolate cookies at home for their valentines. The modern cult of South Africa uses email and SMS to send the love messages to their valentines. But South Africans  also likes to take gifts like routine romantic gifts and arrangement like a candle light dinner, red balloon, lingerie, or a bandaged bear for children.

Enjoy today and we hope you get all that you wished for!

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